Located in IBM Cloud Datacenters, we manage our own servers using Microsoft technologies. Our servers provides you with the rock solid IT infrastructure that you need to succeed. You can feel confident that when you purchase services from us, you are buying directly from the source.


Our servers are mission-specific, industrial grade machines designed to the toughest industry specifications. They are never overloaded and are monitored 24/7 to ensure that they perform smoothly. Every server is built to meet our extremely high expectations, and we use only name brand components such as SCSI hard drives, Xeon Processors, ECC SDRAM and more. We never sacrifice quality on our hardware, even if it means sacrificing profit. Our typical server configurations are as follows:

Rack Architecture


Data Center Environment



What sets Negox! Security Apart from other Hosting Companies? Negox! uses different state-of-the-art security systems to ensure our services is reliable and protected against hackers at the times for your hosting package.


FireSlayer is a combination of IBM Cloud developed and commercially available anti Denial of Service (DoS) technologies. When an attack is launched against any of our server hosting , the Fireslayer filter automatically allows the maximum amount of legitimate traffic through, while rejecting the maximum amount of illegitimate traffic.


TippingPoint Network Protection is a threat suppression engine, which features filters for the latest vulnerabilities, exploits, viruses and rogue applications. The system performs thousands of checks on each packet flow to detect and prevent intrusions.

Juniper Networks

To secure all network connections, Juniper Networks devices use a dynamic packet filtering method known as Stateful inspection. Using this method, the firewall collect information on various components in a packet header— source and destination IP addresses, source and destination port numbers, and packet sequence numbers.


Rock solid infrastructure: The reliability of our technology platform is essential to our ability to offer low prices and fast service. Our network (always expanding) consists of twenty-six Gigabit Ethernet connections to the Internet. Both of our data centers feature redundant UPS, A/C and generator backup systems. And DC2, our newly completed facility, offers all-Dell equipment.

Network Architecture


Network Location


Strategic business partners for ASP.NET hosting services:

Microsoft, SoftLayer, OpenSRS, SmarterTools, 2CheckOut, PayPal