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Negox! Internet Solutions, LLC
United States

We have been doing business worldwide on the Internet since 2002 and have established an unbeatable track record for customer satisfaction and service. We are a web hosting company that uses Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud services, two of America's few profitable ISPs. We take great pride in the reliability of our and their servers and super-fast connectivity.

Our systems are some of the most technologically advanced in the industry. When you order online, available 24 hours per day, your new web hosting plan will be immediately available. What is immediate you ask? Immediate to us means that as soon as the payment is processed, you'll receive an email detailing instructions about how to log into your new web hosting plan. This is important in many ways. First, it provides "instant access" to your new web hosting plan. Second, as computer handles the provisioning-process, there is less chance of a mistake being made. Third, it costs less money for an automated process than for a human to handle it. (This saves us money, which we pass along in our prices).

At Negox! Internet Solutions, LLC we know it's not just about hardware, but about making people dreams come alive on the Internet. That is why we are always there to assist you in your time of need. Whether it is a simple question, or a technical one, we are there for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whenever you need us. Negox! Internet Solutions, LLC is breaking the price barrier for Internet web hosting the same way we do on all of the services we provide. Don't miss out on our low rates and great service!

Before You Buy

Companies today are demanding solutions that deliver quantifiable business benefits making their buying decisions based on tangible returns on investment. As a result of this new focus, Web hosting is rapidly emerging as a powerful way to drive increased business performance and efficiency. Let's face it; today's businesses must have an online presence to compete effectively.

Whether or not your company utilizes the Internet as a revenue stream, you can benefit from the right Web hosting relationship with a Web hosting company on which you can consistently rely. Armed with the right criteria to evaluate hosting services, even a non tech savvy individual can make an informed and quick decision.

Why Outsource? Why Not?

The majority of companies with Web sites today are leaving Web hosting to the experts, with the cost savings and the need for greater technical resources driving their decisions. Outsourcing to a full service Web hosting provider with Microsoft technologies enables you to concentrate on your business and not the technology that underpins it. What's more, you eliminate the expensive up front cost for equipment acquisition, maintenance, and training. We provide our customers with access to secure networks and servers, scalable hosting plans to accommodate your changing needs, faster time to market, technical expertise, and proactive site maintenance and management. Our sustained high service levels, readiness to deploy new technology, and business strategies can help you increase Negox! Internet Solutions, LLC derived profits and decrease your Web hosting costs.

Web Hosting Checklist

Security and Reliability

In today's world, with the threat of viruses, hackers, and data thieves, you need extra layers of electronic protection. Make sure that your Web hosting provider keeps your data behind firewalls, protected by dynamic encryption and port blocking, and reinforced by a knowledgeable, dedicated security staff. Be certain that your provider offers automatic, fail safe redundancy, so that when a server fails or is disabled by an attack, another will immediately take up the load and continue without interruption.

24x7 Service and Support

When something goes wrong with your service, you will want fast, intelligent answers and the problem resolved immediately, regardless of when it occurs. Consequently, you should investigate your hosting provider's ability to proactively inform customers before it becomes an emergency. Having access to self-help tools and trained technicians enables you to obtain answers quickly and streamlines your process to resolution.


Your needs are likely to change as your business grows, so the flexibility to upgrade your service is important. Can your Web hosting provider grow with your needs should your business evolve from a starter Web site to a high traffic e commerce site? Does it offer an array of services, including shared and dedicated hosting packages?

Financial Stability

Your Web host is a direct reflection of your business. Be sure to choose a hosting partner with the financial strength to succeed in all economic times. Failure on its part puts your business at risk. Seek a provider that has proven experience in providing business class hosting with a state of the art network, unsurpassed reliability, and superlative customer service.

Strategic business partners for ASP.NET and SQL Server hosting services:

Microsoft Azure, Plesk, SmarterTools, OpenSRS, PayPal, 2CheckOut